Are you ready for the ride?

Hi there and welcome to my blog!

My name is Audrey and I’d love you to join me each week when I’ll be revealing the latest gripping installment of my debut novel, ‘From The Mist She Came’ where rivalry, suspicion, malice and blackmail lurk under a cloak of respectability.

When glamorous, free-spirited English photographer Serenity Shore encounters a solitary statue deep within the forest of Sénart on the outskirts of Paris, nothing can prepare her for the peril ahead.  Caught in the path of a riding party, Serenity awakens concussed – traumatised by the revelation that she lies injured and alone in mid-eighteenth century France, victim of the near-fatal accident in the forest.

Forced to accept her reality at the opulent Château de Choisy, she is outraged to uncover the rumour in circulation – her collision with the stallion of the charismatic monarch Louis XV a ploy to not only benefit from his benevolence, but to manipulate her way to his heart through remorse.  Innocent of Louis’ growing fascination for her, upon unearthing a sapphire necklace concealed in the grounds Serenity learns it once belonged to the beautiful noblewoman Jonquil de Levoisier – the jewels, a gift from Louis on her twenty-third birthday, torn from her neck on the night of her murder.  Terrified by the consequences should the jewels be found in her possession, should Serenity reveal her discovery?

Relocated to the palace of Versailles where she is taken under the wing of the illustrious Madame de Pompadour, Serenity discloses her find.  Her story believed, she is nevertheless warned of the malice and treachery that lurk within the web of perfumed corridors.  As the hunt to identify the murderer intensifies and the shattering truth is finally revealed, forced to fight for survival in a world where not even the protection of Louis is enough to secure her safety, can Serenity break free from her nightmare?



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